"there's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot." -steven wright

Thursday, August 10, 2006

secret creeks

well, it's been a long time since a post to this blog, which means that my fellow trout collective members are not pulling their weight, the lazy bastards. we may need to pull the plug on spinnerfall unless we can all agree to post a little more regularly.

so i've had a lot of fun through these dog days of summer (we're talking rottweiler days this year) fishing the small creeks that surround steamboat springs. they are just chock full of little brook trout (some not so little), that take a dry fly like it's going out of style. and this week i found a new stretch on one particular creek that actually has an occasional rainbow.

why are rainbows so much more likely to jump when they're hooked? i don't know, but damn are they fun. i can count the number of brown trout that have jumped for me on one hand. same goes for brook trout and cutts. but rainbows launch themselves seemingly with no thought of the consequences. the nicest rainbow i hooked on this little creek this week was probably 9 inches, and he almost catapulted himself onto the bank he was jumping so wildly. it was one of my most enjoyable fish of the summer.

so for the loyal spinnerfall readers out there (all 5 of you), i just want you to know that if this blog does die, i will still be posting about fishing on my other blog. and so will trout on his.

tight lines.