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Monday, April 17, 2006

A Gift from My Son (Gene)

In his recent posting (see elk and rainbows below), my son David mentioned that I had caught my biggest rainbow ever on our April 9 trip to the White River, but he didn’t discuss the circumstances. I’d like to share the story about how it happened.

After a long day of fishing during which I had caught one fish, a twelve inch rainbow, David and I returned to the first run we had fished. He had caught several fish in this run earlier in the day, so I waded into the river first and took the prime position, at his insistence. On my first cast, my Orvis four piece rod broke at the second and third joint. I was way too tired to take the fifteen minute walk to the car to get a replacement, so I started to wade out to the bank and watch David fish for the remaining hour or so before dark. He stopped me, took my broken Orvis, and handed me his St. Croix. I insisted that he continue fishing and he insisted that I fish while he went to the car for the replacement. I must admit that I didn’t protest much.

About three minutes after he left, I hooked a 22 inch rainbow on an olive wooly bugger that David had tied. His act of generosity had turned my day of fishing from mediocre to excellent.

In Fly Fishing through the Midlife Crisis, Howell Raines described his son as someone he’d love fishing with even if he weren’t his son. That applies double to my son David. I hope you get to fish with David or someone like him some day.

I recommend Howell Raines’ book to you if you love fly fishing, even if you’re not facing your midlife crisis.

P.S. – On Monday, I took my broken Orvis into Bucking Rainbow, an excellent fly fishing store (and an Orvis dealer) in Steamboat Springs. I laid the rod on the counter. The owner of the store took a quick glance and said, “You’re getting a new rod.” He filled in an Orvis form, called Orvis for an approval number, packaged the broken rod, and sent it in later that day. Fortunately, I had registered for the 25 year guarantee when I bought the rod. I will receive a brand new, technologically advanced rod to replace my eight-year-old rod.


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