"there's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot." -steven wright

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

god bless the green

hi all. this is a report from fishing the green river last weekend. pictures to come soon.

friday 05.12
-p and i arrive in vernal, utah at about 10:30 and stock up on groceries at the smith's. p's overwhelming desire for potted meat products rules the day, and we buy way too many cans of corned beef for camping.
-arrive in dutch john at about 11:30. meet up with bb and his stepson, get the drift boat loaded, and by 1:30 we're on the a-section of the green. this section of the river is astounding - a gin clear aquarium of 10,000 trout per mile, all 12-20 inches. unbelievable.
-i start the day with a 17 inch brown. 3 more browns before the day is out, and p catches his first flyrod trout (i think). watching that was more thrilling than actually catching them myself.
-the day ends with a yummy camp meal and bb and i trying our hardest to sing like dylan while bb played guitar.

saturday o5.13
-on a personal note, i discovered this morning that i'm actually able to sleep in a tent, something i've always struggled with in the past. the secret? earplugs.
-the day started with a fantastic egg scramble on my msr stove (a wedding gift).
-bb, his stepson and i dropped p off at the b-section put-in, and then shuttled the car and trailer down to the takeout. though the b-section is only a 9 mile float, it's about an 80 mile roundtrip shuttle for the cars.
-one fish apiece for bb and me this day, but mine was my biggest fish of the trip personally.
-the day ends with another fantastic camp meal of coors light, hot dogs, canned peas, baked beans and corned beef & hash. we ate like kings, and played cards afterward.

sunday 05.14
-bb and nicholas leave early, p and i fish around the upper a-section for a few hours. we each had fish on but lost them; we each watched trout take our flies 10 feet away from us, only to set the hook too early and blow it. i think this morning, though, solidified p's new love for this pursuit.
-left at about 1:30 and got home around 5. celebrated mother's day with my mom-in-law, called my own mom, got to see my sweetie-pie, grilled steaks and brats, had some beers, jamie and her friends were over. a great ending to a great weekend.


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